Benefits of Transformational Coaching

At some point in life, we all find ourselves feeling on edge. We begin to experience distress and inner turmoil that bring about the sense and urge to make necessary changes in our life Jordan Bower Workshops. Change is inevitable, however, all the weight lies on the type of change and magnitude you are willing to embrace. 

Understanding Transformational Coaching 

Dan Millan said, ‘ The secret to change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.’ Fundamentally, transformational coaching focuses on building something new in your life, to honor the blueprint for who you are meant to be. This area of coaching taps into your core, to create space for you to rewrite your story, realize and grow your true self. Such a holistic approach will delve deeper into your life, giving rise to a meaningful, and connected life.  


Embarking on this long-lasting approach is one of the most important decisions someone can ever make. Sure, it’s quite a process, but the immense, positive, long-lasting outcomes are worth it, The main benefit of transformation is the sustainable, long-lasting change evoked into your life. More benefits of coaching; 

  • Awareness – you will realize your fears, assumptions, dreams, talents, motivators, and influences. Exploring all these will help you acknowledge how they shape your life, and how you view the world. Recognizing your personality, strength, and flaws and being fully aware of your impact on people is quite the adventure. 
  • Balance – it is a peaceful, happy relationship between your physical being and mental being, inclusive of your other major life areas, for example, work-life. Coaching helps you to clarify your life, prioritize the important aspects of life. 
  • Decision Making – Majority of the people make decisions based on their emotions, despite believing they act rationally. With a deeper degree of understanding of how your mind functions, you can change the decision-making process to a wiser manner. 
  • Eliminating bad habits – To make a positive change, it will be necessary to do away with behaviors embedded into your daily routine. Habits that diminish your ability to perform and make a step forward. A transformational coach will take you through these habits then help you learn how to eliminate all of them. 
  • A new you – Change can be quite difficult, it requires no extra effort to settle for the same old thing. Most of us get stuck along our life journey because we are influenced and led by old habits, repetitive patterns of feeling, thinking, and relating to others. The transformation you go through during coaching relieves you from ‘sleepwalking through your life.’ You learn to let go of the old ways, old patterns that tug you behind, and become new, with new thoughts, you start envisioning and visualizing your life. It  
  • Unconscious mind – The unconscious mind is where all our behaviors, beliefs, and habits are imprinted, it is where all the transformation takes place. Coaching helps you tap into the subconscious mind and learn how to access and utilize your inner resources to achieve your full potential. Align the unconscious mind and learn to overcome every obstacle. 

Transformational coaching is the ideal approach that will guide you to relearn who you are. Empower yourself by exploring the liberating experience of transformational coaching.