You could be one of the forklift operators or you want to be one and if you are not yet certified, here is the guide to help you get licensed. 

Forklifts are used to carry heavy loads and lift them from one place to another. Forklift operators need to undergo various processes in order to become fully licensed to operate their forklifts. To be certified, you need to go through hands-on training, classroom training and exam passing process. 

Why Does Forklift Operators Need to be Certified? 

Various companies use forklifts to carry heavy and large objects from one warehouse or store to another. Even at construction sites, forklifts are mostly used to carry the heavy construction materials. 

The Forklifts need to be operated by trained individuals in order to avoid causing accidents. The workers need to be protected as well as the forklift so that it does not cause harm to workers.  

All forklift operators are licensed by the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) which lets you know how to run the machine properly and the possible risks of the machine. 

The Procedure of Becoming Forklift Certified. 

The OSHA provides a full approved course on either online or in- person training. However majority of the operators prefer to take on- hand training in a local company or a vacational institution. The process of becoming forklift certified includes; 

Deciding on the type of forklift you want to be certified on- training on the specific truck you will be using for your operations. This is either stand-up, sit-down among other forklift types. 

Sign up for the course- after finding an OSHA- approved program for training around you, you can take up the course by signing up for the certification process. This program can be found through your forklift dealers, employers, and community vacational learning institutions. 

Take the classes- during the learning in class, you will be taught on OSHA safety rules, forklift maintenance and driving techniques among others. The course take up to approximately one day of going through videos, lecture and written materials. 

Take the exam- after classwork, you need to take a written exam and score above 75% which is considered a pass. Below this you cannot continue with the training. 

Hands- on- skills- once you are taking the exam and passed, you will now need to practice your skills on a forklift. Students will be shown on how to operate the forklift by a professional trainer. The skills practiced here include, inspection of the forklift, loading of materials, lifting of the load, working on the incline among others. 

Final evaluation- in order to become a licensed forklift operator, the instructor considers your class performance, exam score and driving rate. If all are satisfying, then you will be certified. 

However if you choose to take online classes, it should be because you are already have experience in operating a forklift. If not, you will still need to get an instructor to take you through hands-on training before you can be certified. 

In conclusion, certification as a forklift operator is important since you will need the license as you look for jobs in various companies. From the article above it is clear that certification process for forklift is very simple and easy to get forklift training near me